Debbie MacKenzie proudly states that she has lived in Guilford her entire life. It is when she began dancing at Bernice's School of Dance as a child that she developed her love for dance, which has remained with her today. Debbie began her dance-teaching career with Miss Bernice in 1985. It was when she was introduced to the National Association of Dance Affiliated Artists (N.A.D.A.A.) that Debbie was given the opportunity to dance with many great teacher; such as, Bob Rizzo, Anita Duprey and Karen O'Toole.


After fifteen years of N.A.D.A.A., in 1983, Debbie opened her own dance studio, the Village School of Dance, in Guilford, CT. She sold her dance studio in 2006, to be able to spend more quality time with her family however, Debbie continues to teach part time at LimeLite Dance Studio and the Dance Hutch in Clinton. When not dancing, Debbie enjoys spending her free time with her brilliant husband, (Bryan) two wonderful daughters, (Melissa and Patty) and three grandchildren (Aliyah, Alex and Jordan.) She is looking forward to another great year at LimeLite Dance Studio.

Debbie MacKenzie , Instructor