Dance Classes



Hurry, there is still time to join this year!



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Established in 1993, we are very excited to be dancing into our 13th year in Guilford!

Our teaching philosophy is that each student should excel at dance simply because they love it. With correct technique, fun choreogrophy and most of all praise, dance should be a positive source for self-confidence and an outlet for talent and creativity. You can be assured that our classes are instructed by experienced and dedicated teachers who take pride in positive results.


We are looking forward to another year of dancing with you and your children.



Tracy Feldman, Artistic Director




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Current Dance Class Rates

1 class  3 payments of $164  =  $492/year
 2 classes  3 payments of  $296  =  $888/year
 3 classes  3 payments of  $416  = $1248/year
 4 classes  3 payments of $524  = $1572/year
 5 classes 3 payments of  $632  = $1896/year
 6 classes 3 payments of  $732  = $2196/year
 7 classes  3 payments of  $832  = $2496/year
 8 classes  3 payments of  $912  = $2736/year


A discount is given with each additional class per family.

Limelite's payment schedule is three installment payments. LIMELITE's dance year begins in September and runs through mid May.

  1. 1st payment due at registration
  2. 2nd Payment due by December 15
  3. 3rd Payment due by March 15

If you need to be on a monthly payment, not a problem! Just contact Miss Tracy.